Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling towers are often neglected in terms of proper preventative maintenance and regular cleaning. Considering that cooling towers are an efficient and vital component to building operation, failure to complete regular cooling tower maintenance can lead to inefficiency, costly repairs/replacement, and potential health hazards. Given the constant focus on energy efficiency by building owners/building operators and engineers alike; regular cleaning and maintenance will keep your tower operating as efficiently as possible.

Keeping towers free from debris will prevent obstructions within the components of the tower. This is important to keep the tower operating efficiently. Proper water & air flow within the tower is important to reach the design temperature within your cooling system. Should the air intake or fill media within your tower obstruct the air flow within your tower, you are limiting the evaporation ability of your tower. The same can be said about water flow within the tower. Even water distribution is essential to maximize the evaporation process. The ultimate goal within towers is to maximize water to air contact. Any restrictions on this process is an unnecessary reduction in your towers performance.

It is common knowledge that proper preventative maintenance leads to reduced repair and replacement costs in the future. The standard life span of a cooling tower as stated by CTI (cooling tower institute) is around 20 years. Proper water treatment and maintenance is paramount to achieving a long life span for your cooling tower. Common signs of poor maintenance include: leaking and corroded basins, excessive calcium build up, clogged distribution nozzles, malfunctioning float or probe systems, bearing failures, and many other issues. These issues are usually correctable but they are also mostly avoidable. Abbott’s Air Ltd can provide solutions to both rectify and avoid these common problems.

Potential health hazards are a result of airborne impurities and biological contamination. The most common health hazard being legionella. More stringent laws enforcing the cleanliness of cooling towers have already been implemented within Quebec. These same requirements will find their way into Ontario and other provinces in the very near future (more information on the Quebec regulations can be found on our resources page). These regulations will enforce regular maintenance and proper water treatment moving forward.

Abbott’s Air Ltd provides cooling tower cleaning and refurbishment services across Ontario. We service all types of towers for many building types. We work closely with engineers, building operators, and water treatment specialists to ensure your tower(s) are well maintained.

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