Air Handling Unit Refurbishment

As buildings age the essential HVAC components begin to deteriorate. This is an issue faced by property managers & maintenance personnel everywhere.  For many buildings the distribution of tempered air throughout the building is critical to the buildings function. This is most commonly achieved through air handling units (AHU) located within the building mechanical rooms.

Common Air Handling Aging Issues

Common issues with air handling units aging include:corrosion, leaking, inefficiency and potential health hazards. Air handling unit refurbishment offers a solution to these problems, as well as, a variety of benefits that typically outweigh traditional replacement options.

Refurbishment verse Replacing

When air handling units show signs of deterioration this doesn’t mean the entire unit needs to be replaced. Controlling the location and removal of water within units is the key to keeping corrosion to a minimum. This can be achieved with stainless steel coil racking that is sloped and properly drained.  Installation of drift eliminators will direct ‘carry over’ from cooling coils or humidifiers into your drains or sump. This work will eliminate costly leaking outside of the unit. Mechanical room floors often are unsealed and allow water to find its way below and create mould and other unpleasant disruptions.  Inefficiency can stem from plugged and corroded coils, old fan motors and aging damper systems. These issues can be solved and tackled with minimal disruption to services. Potential health risks associated with aging air handling units include mould and legionnaires disease. Eliminating and controlling moisture within units is the key to ensuring the absence of these risks. 

Benefits presented when comparing AHU refurbishment to replacement include:

  • Significant cost savings
  • Minimal equipment “downtime”
  • Existing services kept intact
  • Option for personalized solutions

Air Handling Refurbishment Cost Savings

Projected cost savings can range from 20-80%.  There are many factors that contribute to potential savings: unit size, access/location, unit condition and servicing area can all affect pricing. 

Equipment Downtime

AHU replacement can lead to lengthy downtime for the area(s) it services unless costly temporary services are put in pace. AHU refurbishment addresses these issues by completing the work in stages. The units would be offline during off-peak hours (typically nights or weekends) and turned back on to provide service during the day.  Completing this work over shoulder season months also reduces the dependence on heating and cooling. This allows for project completion with minimal interruption.

Existing Services Kept Intact

AHU refurbishment allows the existing services such as controls, duct work, plumbing and electrical to remain in their current locations. This keeps costs down and project planning to a minimum.

Personalized Services

We work closely with building operators to put together a solution that meets their needs. If there is specific equipment you would like to see installed we can facilitate this in most cases. Want to add a heat wheel to recovery energy? Add a VFD capable motor? Plan ahead for future expansion? These solutions can be easily adapted to the refurbishment of your air handling unit. 

Abbott’s Air Can Help

Abbott’s Air Ltd has been completing AHU refurbishment for over 10 years working closely with building operators and property managers. We service commercial, medical, educational and industrial buildings across Canada. Based out of Barrie, Ontario we regularly work within the various regions of the province. Abbott’s prides itself on superior workmanship and customer satisfaction. 

Give us a call or email us anytime and we would be happy to share our expertise with you.

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