Heat Reclaim Wheels Toronto

Heat reclaim and desiccant wheels have become an efficient way to reduce energy costs or remove unwanted humidification within buildings.  Abbott’s Air Ltd offers heat/desiccant wheel installation, repairs, and cleaning services in Toronto and surrounding areas.

Energy consumption has quickly become one of the largest driving factors behind HVAC equipment manufacturing and operations.  Building owners and operators alike are constantly searching for ways to reduce operating and consumption costs. Heat reclaim wheels are a great way to recover heat that you’ve already paid to generate. Desiccant wheels are a great way to keep building humidification levels in check. Unlike cold coil dehumidification, which removes moisture by condensing it, desiccant wheels work by adsorbing the moisture.  This type of application is very popular in hockey and curling rinks.

Abbott’s Air Ltd has the expertise to facilitate all your heat/desiccant wheel needs. From recreational rinks to hospitals, engineers to building operators across Ontario, give us a call to find out more.

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