Expansion Joint Replacement

Building expansion exists in all types of buildings and locations. Expansion joints are everywhere and tend to go unnoticed until they become an issue. When expansion joints begin to fail they cause tripping hazards for occupant traffic, infection control issues if water and debris from floor cleaning begin to seep into the interstitial space, and expose failure to meet fire separation codes.

Tripping hazards can be a concerning issue for building owners. If the hazard is left for too long the risk of injury continues to grow. When confronted with a tripping hazard due to an expansion joint, many building owners and operators do not know how to correct the issue. We have seen everything from covering joints with rugs to blocking traffic with large obstacles.

Infection control issues as a result of failed expansions joints is most commonly found within medical facilities. Hospitals and clinics have patients and occupants that are more susceptible to attracting infectious diseases. When water/moistures makes its way into the interstitial space below the floor it creates a breeding ground for mould. This often can go unnoticed for a significant amount of time. Once the joint has failed it is important to take action.

Openings between floors are almost always governed by fire separation codes to stop spreading during a fire. Expansion joints are often the only barrier between one floor and the ceiling space below. Many old buildings lack proper fire separation at the expansion joints. Our replacement system includes adding the necessary fire separation within the open space below.

If you already have failing expansion joints we can help. Replacement costs vary from joint to joint due to size, access, and type of joint. If you are unsure of the current condition of your expansion joints; we offer condition assessments and provide a report to give you the information you need. We service all building types and work with all different style of expansion joints. Should you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call.

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